Get your WordPress Magazine and blog websites ready for 2022—with our fresh, fast, and super versatile Full Site Editing Block Theme.

What is special about Makoney?

Makoney is our first Premium Full Site Editing Block Theme, which comes with our brand-new Grow membership plan. After learning the ins and outs of block theme development over the last months, we rolled our sleeves up to get our first Premium block theme ready for WordPress 5.9.

It was important for us to give our existing classic theme users the opportunity to take advantage of the cool new features, Full Site Editing brings for WordPress site owners. Therefore, we decided to create a Magazine theme that can serve as an 2022-ready alternative to our classic Magazine themes like Zuki, Uku or Weta.

Patterns for Magazines and blogs

The biggest advantage of FSE (Full Site Editing) block themes is the possibility to customise any part of your website (yes, including Headers and Footers) without the need for a page builder plugin.

The Magazine Landing page.

To get Makoney off the ground, we focused on layout section patterns and ready to go Page patterns that can be easily dragged into the editor.

The About, Contact and Search Page. You can use the Page patterns to reuse the patterns on any page.

As a little homage to our Zuki theme, we created a similar Archive Content filter as a pattern to the Makoney landing page design. But now with block themes, it’s so much easier to customise the content of the accordion and place the element on any page and at any position on your page. You decide.

Content filter pattern. You can add the blog patterns you like.

Makoney patterns include Query patterns for one to six column post sections, which you can easily place anywhere on your website.

We also prepared a Mailchimp newsletter pattern, an About section, Tagcloud and Category list patterns, a Featured Quote pattern, two Headers and a big Footer pattern.

Edit Templates via the New Editor

With WordPress 5.9 (to be released January 25, 22) or the Gutenberg plugin active, you will have access to the Editor.

The Block Theme template overview in the Editor (see Appearance→Editor).

You can customise all parts of your website via the new Editor, including your Header and Footer as well as pages like your Archive page, the Single Post Pages or the blog page.

Edit the Footer Template part via the new Full Site Editing feature in WordPress.

How to get started

To get started with Makoney, you can join our Grow plan. We will release more Full Site Editing themes, patterns, and blocks, and they will all be available to you. Since block themes are very new, we all need to learn how to use them in their full potential. Hence, we will offer a monthly live webinar as well as livestream member-only office hours. We will have time to answer your questions, chat as a community and learn more about the new ways of building websites in WordPress (the first schedule will be available later this week).

Once you are a Grow member, you can access the Makoney theme file and the theme demo material via the Downloads page. If you have used the Aino free theme before, you can easily switch themes right away. All Aino free patterns are available in Makoney, so you won’t lose access to them.

If you have not used a block theme previously, make sure you have the Gutenberg plugin active (this will not be necessary once WordPress 5.9 is released), install the Aino Blocks, Aino FAQ/Accordion block and Aino Notification block and upload and activate your Makoney theme. You can import the Makoney demo content if you like. This is recommended if you don’t have any published block posts on your website yet.

Once the theme is active, have a look at the patterns available and set up your pages as you need them. Once you have created your pages, you can go to Appearance→Editor and customise your Header and Footer with the Navigation links and Social Icon links you want to add. Read the tutorials on setting up Headers and Footers in block themes for more detailed instructions. You can also follow our block theme video tutorials on YouTube.

Follow the Makoney tutorial playlist on YouTube.

Ask us anything

If you have questions, please contact us via our email support or join our first members-only webinar. I will release the schedule here on the blog later this week.

Do you have questions about Makoney or any suggestions to what kind of themes, patterns, and blocks we should build next? Let us know in the comments below!