We already had two successful members live stream office hours this month, and I want to thank you all for taking part. From this week on, I will offer one session in English and one in German language. Of course, both are open for all of you to join.

This month’s webinar will be in English, but I will plan an additional webinar in German language in March.

The remaining February live stream Q&A schedule is the following:

Feb 17th, 10am CET (9am UTC), length 45 min (German)

Feb 17th, 6pm CET/12noon EST (5pm UTC), length 45 min (English)

Feb 24th, 10am CET (9am UTC), length 45 min (German)

Feb 24th, 6pm CET, 12noon EST (5pm UTC), length 45 min (English)

This month webinar with the following topic:

Tips on how to work with FSE block themes’ webinar on Feb 23rd, 6pm CET, 12noon EST (5pm UTC), length 45 min

All Grow members will receive an email including the links to join the live streams a few days in advance. You will be able to join via video or audio only and ask questions via audio or by using the live stream comment form.

The live streams will not be recorded, only the monthly webinar will be recorded. We will make the webinar recordings available to members to watch later on.

Feedback & questions

Please let me know if you have any questions in advance that you want to discuss. You can write a comment below or use our Support beacon in the right bottom corner here on the website.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in one of our next live sessions. See you soon!