Start a WordPress website with our free Aino theme, patterns and starter blocks.




free Aino block theme

starter patterns

starter blocks

unlimited sites

monthly webinars

weekly Q&A livestreams


Grow your audience with Premium blocks, patterns and themes for professional websites.




Premium themes

Premium patterns

Premium blocks

coming soon

unlimited sites

1 webinar/month

1h/week Q&A livestream


Build eCommerce websites with our Premium eCommerce blocks, patterns and themes.




access to all themes

Premium eCommerce themes & patterns

Premium eCommerce blocks

unlimited sites

2 webinars/month

2h weekly Q&A livestream

All prices are in USD.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee We want you to feel confident that our AinoBlocks membership is the perfect fit for you. Therefore we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of your purchase or renewal.


We collected a number of Frequently asked questions. Please contact us via our support beacon, if you can’t find an answer here.

What is the difference between the plans?

The Start plan is our free pan which includes the Aino free block theme, our free blocks and patterns collection. It’s a great way to get start a WordPress website without needing to pay for a Premium theme. You can get more familiar with blocks themes and see if our style fits your projects.

If you like to use our free theme, and you want to your website to be more professional with a special design template, our Grow plan is the way to go. You will have access to our premium block themes, patterns, and blocks. We are growing our premium library continuously. If you want to learn more about building websites with AinoBlocks or have specific questions that you want to discuss live, join the monthly livestream webinar.

eCommerce WordPress websites will benefit from the new Full Site Editing block themes and the newly available WooCommerce Blocks that are currently being developed. We are preparing our first Premium WooCommerce themes, patterns, and blocks. Our Sell plan for eCommerce websites is coming soon. You can easily upgrade from the Starter or Grow plan any time. Grow members will receive a discount to upgrade once we have launched our eCommerce plan.

Can I try Aino for free?

Yes, for sure. We love open-source software and make sure to contribute with our free products as much as possible. You can get started with our free Aino theme and our free blocks collection. You can easily upgrade to one of our Premium products at any time.

Are there any requirements to get started with Aino?

WordPress comes with the block editor by default. To use Aino Full Site Editing block themes, you need to have WordPress 5.9 or the Gutenberg plugin active. Other than that, you are all good to go. You don’t need any page builder plugin since block themes, blocks and patterns replace the need for an external layout builder.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, it’s easy to upgrade your plan at any time. You will need to purchase the Grow plan from our pricing page if you only have the Start plan now. But from Grow you can always upgrade to the Sell plan (once we have launched it) via your account settings.

How do refunds work?

We want to make sure you love our products. Therefore, please just write us within the 14 days money-back guarantee if you want to cancel your membership. We will refund you your purchase within two working days.

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