Since the introduction of our new AinoBlocks Premium membership, we offer a weekly members-only livestream Q&A session and a monthly webinar. This way, we want to offer our members the possibility to ask questions directly and come together as a community.

Full Site Editing and building WordPress websites with blocks and patterns is still new and there is a lot of learning involved. With our livestreams, we want to ensure a smooth and successful experience for everyone working with our blocks, patterns and themes.

Since we just launched our premium offer, our group will still be small, which is perfect to take away as much as possible from this offer. So, I hope you are eager to join in.

The January schedule is the following:

Live stream Q&A: Wednesday, Jan 26th, 10am CET (9am UTC), length 45 min

‘Full site editing & WordPress 5.9 Introduction’ webinar: Thursday, Jan 27th, 6pm CET, 12noon EST (5pm UTC), length 45 min

AinoBlocks members will receive a separate email including the links to join the livestreams and webinar on Monday.

Feedback & questions

If you have questions for us in advance or specific topic requests, please tweet us or message them through our support form in the right bottom corner on our website.

From February on, I will additionally offer a weekly livestream session in German language. We will also trial a block theme installation service. We really want to make it easy for everyone to switch or start a WordPress site with all the fantastic new features full site editing and blocks bring to WordPress. News on the installation offer will follow shortly.