The last months have been busy for us as we prepared for the first Full Site Editing that will be introduced in the upcoming 5.9 WordPress release. And now that it’s finally time for Full Site Editing block (FSE) block themes to be introduced as the new WordPress standard, we are super excited to offer our AinoBlocks premium membership to you.

The first premium theme product in our new membership plan is Makoney. A premium magazine block theme that offers a fresh alternative to our classic Elma Studio Magazine themes Zuki, Uku and Weta.

Our AinoBlocks membership comes in two options:

The Pro plan

The Pro membership is for everyone who is looking for premium theme designs with a growing premium design pattern library. If you want to treat yourself to a professional design and take advantage of all the cool features Full Site Editing, block themes, patterns, and blocks bring to WordPress, our ‘Pro’ plan is the right plan for you. We will add new premium themes, patterns, and blocks regularly. As an indication of what’s to come, we plan to release at least six new themes in 2022.

Our premium pattern library will also be constantly growing. New patterns will be available in all premium themes, which means you will get new predesigned layout possibilities as our library grows.

We also have our first premium block in the works, which will be a timeline block including ready-to-go patterns that members can add to their theme.

The eCommerce membership

Next up is our eCommerce membership which offers everything included in the ‘Pro’ plan plus additional access to premium eCommerce blocks, patterns, and themes. The first product in this plan will be a Pricing block with pre-designed Pricing table block patterns. We will offer the ‘Sell’ membership as soon as WooCommerce blocks are a little more mature, which will be most likely in the next 1-2 months.

You will always have the option to upgrade your ‘Pro’ plan later on, so if you don’t rely on in WooCommerce, you can get started with Makoney now and upgrade later.

Members Livestream Q&As and Webinars

We know block themes, working with patterns and blocks and the new Full Site editing features are still new. Therefore, we will offer lots of learning material for our members, with a growing library of video tutorials and an upcoming documentation page on AinoBlocks. To get everyone on board, we also offer a weekly livestream Q&A (from February on, one session in English and one in German/week) and a monthly webinar.

This will give us all time to connect and get questions off your chest, and for us, it’s a great way to get to know you better and listen to your needs and questions. The webinar will cover different topics, and we would love to hear your topic suggestions. The topics will be suitable for beginners who have never worked with WordPress before. Once Full Site Editing is a little more established, we will also more advanced topics.

We also offer email support for all members (of course including our free ‘Start’ plan members) via our support beacon in the bottom-right corner on our website.

Questions & Feedback

Let us know if you have any questions or requests, we love to hear your feedback. Please write us a comment below, tweet us or send us a message via our support beacon.